Happy Wanderer 5 incredible lineup

Oh my! The Happy Wanderer 5 line-up is here and without getting too emotional about it - gosh wow what an... honour. Ok we said it. Thank you to each and every band that applied. We wish that time were not so stubbornly finite. 

Get your tickets, because this one's going to be a dead-set doozy! 

Here's the list of the wonderful humans who will be playing Happy Wanderer this year.

Adam McGrath (roots/rock)

Listen to this dreamboat would you.

Amistat (acoustic duo)

These boys could sing underwater. They're probably some kind of other-worldly mermen. They sure sound like some kind of sea angels.

Beautiful Beasts (soul infused pop)

Take a listen and see if you can keep your feet still. [Spoiler: you can't, you really can't.]

Bec Bartlett (DJ)

Shall we dance?

China Beach (garage disco funk)

This is approximately what frolicking on the beach with your childhood best friend sounds like.

Didirri (folk)

Singer, songwriter, old soul, strong chance of a hidden time machine.

Don’t thank me spank me (RnB pop)

Funny, gorgeous and incredibly talented. Unmissable. 

Echo Drama (dub, reggae, hip hop)

We are going to dance to this. All of us. Every last one.

Ellen James (folk)

Where's this star been hiding then? Benalla, that's where. We're full of surprises.

Emi Day (folk)

Every festival, Emi Day. Can conjure stillness. Quite something.

Good Stuff DJs (Zol Balint and Claire Lefèbvre)

It's hard for these two to DJ because we're always trying to hug them. Hardcore adorable Beatles nuts. 

Grace Turner (psychedelic folk / alt pop)

One of those singers who reaches into your chest and rewires everything just right.

Hollie Joyce (garage rock)

Say you saw her when. 

Hot Wings (surf soul rockabilly)

Pure joy. Cool AF.

Immigrant Union (psychedelic folk/country)

Real deal, fabulous fun, cracking tunes. Party times.

Jane McArthur (blues soul folk)

Our qween. 

Little Bee (folk pop) 

Oh we get it because you are literally the sweetest thing ever.

Liv Cartledge (singer songwriter)

Actually definitely not messing about. Incredible.

Mandy Connell (folk)

Just beautiful. But also smart, poetic and mesmerising. 

Rat Child (jazz, neo-soul, blues)

You know when you feel so content you close your eyes and sway your shoulders? Like that.

Super Magic Hats (electronic)

Treat yo'self.

The Senegambian Jazz Band (African jazz fusion)

Sax, meet Kora... match made in heaven.

The Woodland Hunters (roots/rock)

Uuuuh... are you seeing what they're doing to those guitars? Imma need a moment.

This Way North (guitar drum duo)

Seriously, seriously talented and delivering very good times. You'll be up the front because you want to dance, but also because wow. Need to see them in action. 

Trouble Peach (garage folk)

You meet this gorgeous gritty silver fox Hunter S Thompson type at a bar. Turns out he can waltz.  

Tully Sumner (old time folk blues)

Ain't nothin' in the world Tully can't make you feel better about, at least until the end of the song.

Wandering DJs

They're super, they'll have you dancing, and we have it on good authority one even has a cape!

Whiskey Dram (heavy folk rock)

Warm you up from the inside and make you dance like a pirate, just like... you know. 


Ok, phew, what a journey. Can you imagine what that's going to be like LIVE IN REAL LIFE? 

There are still some tickets available so maybe get yours.

See you soon!

x Wally