The local’s guide to Benalla op shops

Who wants to give away the secrets to their local op shops? Nobody that’s who. It’s a generous soul who reveals that the address for the Salvos in Google maps will take you to the mission and not the shop. Well, we just happen to be those generous souls. Besides, we cleaned out all the good Ken Done sweaters and vinyl last week.

It’s a pretty simple, yet gold-mine like setup here in Benalla. Four op shops, all arranged along this easy upside-down-T-with-inconsistent-serif.

Map of Benalla op shops

Your first stop over the bridge is that secretive Salvation Army Thrift shop at 5 – 9 Bridge Street, Benalla. This place is big – super well-organised. The kind of place where the ‘good stuff’ has its own rack. But you’ll still find some hidden treasure.

The Salvation Army Thrift Shop 5 - 9 Bridge Street Benalla

Toddle around the corner and you’ll find Yooralla Ballandella Op Shop at 73 Nunn Street, next to the NAB. It’s an old school storefront literally stuffed with ah, stuff. Do some digging here and you’ll find some gems. Not to mention if you get there on the right day (so far, every day) you can fill a bag of clothes for five bucks. Five bucks. That’s a denomination barely clinging to its own note. Brilliant.

Ballandella Op Shop 73 Nunn Street Benalla

Head further up Nunn Street for a bit to number 41 and you’ll find the behemoth that is Benalla Vinnies. You name it, they got it. Give yourself a little bit to wander around and take it in.

Vinnies Benalla 41 Nunn Street Benalla

Now for a little power walk (or alright, drive if you must, I guess you can’t really pedal that vintage Val Kilmer framed print) over to the Red Cross at 59 Carrier Street. Do a couple of loops of that one, and you’re done. You’ve had the Benalla op shop tour experience. How do you feel?

Red Cross Benalla 59 Carrier Street Benalla

If you’re like us, you feel a little smirky for nailing such finds, and a little like you need a coffee. So then we head to One Wild Apple – coffee and tunes. Excellent.

Benalla op shops

Here you go, and remember Uncle Google doesn’t know where Salvos is, but you do.

Salvation Army Thrift Shop
5-9 Bridge Street, Benalla

Yooralla Ballandella Op Shop
73 Nunn Street, Benalla (next to NAB)

41 Nunn Street, Benalla

Red Cross
59 Carrier Street, Benalla

Bonus coffee and tunes stop:

One Wild Apple
2/43 Bridge Street, Benalla

ppsssst! You there! Special reward for reading this far... ;) If you happen to be in town on a Tuesday, word on the street (Bridge Street) is that the Baptist Church has a wee op shop that's open from 10am - 1pm on Tuesdays! 

Op shop in Benalla IMG-2410.JPG