Going to music festivals solo

As the great Vanilla Ice once said, 'I'm on a roll, and it's time to go solo.' Whether your mates don't share your taste in music, festivals or Melbourne-Cup-Carnival-avoidance, or you're just up for a weekend of choosing your own adventure, festivalling solo can be really, truly wonderful. 

Here's why it's great:

- It's a rad adventure to a place where a community springs up out of the ground for a few days - and you can wade into the thick of it or observe from the edges.

- You can do exactly (ok within reason) what you want all the time. Wanna nap from 4 - 9 and party all night long? Go ahead. Want to wake at the crack of dawn for yoga, and put yourself to bed at 8:30? Knock yourself out. Want to sit under a tree just close enough to the stage to hear the tunes and read a book? Yesmaam, getit. Want to dance dance dance and hug strangers? Strong chance of a yes.

Now, you're probably allll over camping and festivalling solo, but here are a few of our tips just in case.

1. Carrying stuff can be tricky. So hack that by getting a big ol' wheelie suitcase and chucking most stuff in it. Tent, pillow, sleeping bag, the lot. Two wheelie suitcases if you need one just for shoes. No judgement here. (Some campgrounds will challenge even the mighty suitcase - so if there's a climb or steep descent to your campsite, consider a hiking backpack.)

2. Don't panic about getting your tent up solo - someone always offers to help. If they don't and you need a hand - just ask. 

3. If you want to meet people you can't beat a good boogie. Head straight to the middle of the dance floor and shake it like nobody's watching. Don't know where to look? Be mesmerised by the guitarist's fingers. Too easy. 

4. Want to start a conversation? "Hi, I'm X" or "Do you live close?" are fairly winning openers. 42% of conversations will die into weird silence. No worries, just say, "I'll see you around," smile, and wander off. But the 58% that don't? Whooooweee, some beautiful things have sprouted from those.

5. Take care of yourself with sunscreen, hat, insect repellant and all that jazz, drink water, eat regularly - and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. From smearing sunscreen onto that impossible to get bit in the middle of your back, to directions and more - festival people are some of the friendliest you'll find. 

Do you have tips for festivalling solo? Throw them in the comments, we'd love to hear them!