Festival eats

It's just days until festival and if you're anything like us, you're wondering what's for dinner, and lunch, and breakfast. Well, with many thanks to our terrific trio of food trucks, Kombi Burger, Trailer Made and Go with the Flow Crepes and Coffee, here's what's on the menu(s).

Kombi Burger

Burger in front of tray with a Kombi picture on it


Avo on sourdough with beetroot hummus and fresh lemon

Triple cheese melt

Mexican melt

Tuna melt

Lunch + dinner

Magic bus mushroom burger

Roo cheese burger

Berlin style vegan kebab


Real fruit popsicles

Protein balls 

Trailer Made

Haloumi salad in a rectangle recyclable container - grilled haloumi on top with cucumber, tomato and a wedge of lemon


Trailer made granola

Scrambled egg wrap

Baked goods

Lunch + dinner

Oven roasted potatoes V GF VG
with tomato chutney, natural yogurt (optional), fresh herbs

Fried haloumi salad V
with tomato, cucumber, red onion, salad, lemon, sumac

Turlu turluV GF VG
with tomato, chickpeas, vegetables, fresh herbs, rice optional minced lamb

Slow cooked lamb GF
with carrot, cranberry and almond salad with mint yogurt


Trailer made iced tea

Go with the flow crepes and coffee

crepe held in person's hands

Galettes - savoury crepes made with gluten free buckwheat flour

La complete
Ham, egg, cheese, tomatoes and mushroom

The potatoes
Potato, cheese, caramelised onion (mushroom optional)

The ocean
Smoked salmon, lemon and chive infused cream cheese, capers

The custom
make your own with up to five ingredients

Daily special crepes - one for each day of the festival

Goat cheese
Hashed goat cheese, honey and walnuts

The burgundy lamb
Slow cooked lamb with bacon, red wine, carrot, potatoes, mushroom, onion

Salted butter caramel
Apple, salted butter caramel and shaved almonds

Crepes - sweeties made with plain flour

Nutella banana
Nutella, banana and shaved almonds

The sweet and sour
Lemon and sugar

La confiture
Strawberry or raspberry jam

Honey crepe


Barista coffee

Iced coffee


So, bring the cash, eat the food. Sweeeet. 

And bring a water bottle to stay hyyyydrated. 

See you soon!

Love, Wally